Michelle is a fearless actor with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to portray complex character.

Name:              Michelle Ljungcrantz

Acting range:  18 - 30 years

Height:              160 cm

Hair:                   Dark Blonde

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU 

Shoes Size:       EU

Language:               Swedish, English
Swedish accents:   Rikssvenska

Driving license:      Yes


I love acting because  it is one of the only creative mediums that enables you to fully embody the perspective of another person and leverage that energy to drive a wide range of emotional responses from the audience.

Additionally, acting as a profession gives the ability to fully dedicate myselfe to my craft, which is critically important as the art itself is ever evolving and always presents new challenges to overcome.

Movies and Television - Selected

Falling petals                                      Samantha         Kameron Bassari

Bora                                                       Linda                  Tiffany Toney

Actors vs Interruptions                     Amanda            Sebastian Angborg

Stage - Selected


Violette Sharp                                     Lead                   David Hall Theatre

Appropriate.                                        Cassady             David Hall Theatre

Chekhov in Yalta                                Fyokla                David Hall Theatre

Cesar Chaves                                       Helen                David Hall Theatre

Education - Selected

Michelle Danner acting studio, 2019 - 2021

Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre, 2016 - 2018

New York Film Academy Sydney, 2013-2015