Michelle is a fearless actor with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to portray complex character.

I love acting because  it is one of the only creative mediums that enables you to fully embody the perspective of another person and leverage that energy to drive a wide range of emotional responses from the audience.

Additionally, acting as a profession gives the ability to fully dedicate myselfe to my craft, which is critically important as the art itself is ever evolving and always presents new challenges to overcome.

Name:              Michelle Ljungcrantz

Acting range:  18 - 30 years

Height:              160 cm

Hair:                   Dark Blonde

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU 

Shoes Size:       EU

Language:               Swedish, English
Swedish accents:   Rikssvenska

Driving license:      Yes


Movies and Television - Selected

Falling petals                                      Samantha         Kameron Bassari

Bora                                                       Linda                  Tiffany Toney

Actors vs Interruptions                     Amanda            Sebastian Angborg

Stage - Selected


Violette Sharp                                     Lead                   David Hall Theatre

Appropriate.                                        Cassady             David Hall Theatre

Chekhov in Yalta                                Fyokla                David Hall Theatre

Cesar Chaves                                       Helen                David Hall Theatre

Education - Selected

Michelle Danner acting studio

2019 - 2021

Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre

2016 - 2018

New York Film Academy Sydney