Berna is an actress with a wide range in her acting ability and she loves to portray complex characters

Berna is a Swedish Actress with Turkish heritage. She is highly energetic and has the ability to move people with her acting.  Berna has trained classical theatre and improvisation at 2lång TheatreSchool Gothenburg. She has also trained Chubbuck method with Swedish coach Elisabeth Sevholt and Trained voice and acting at Stella Adler Hollywood /Los Angeles. Berna also has a stunt performer degree from the British Action Academy/ London. She’s also a student of Royal Academy of art London where she’s constantly refining her skills in the arts of theatre.Berna speaks Turkish and American English fluently and has a physicality that roars of action.
Berna is a big fan of working in teams and her genuine engagement and positive energy is both infecting and uplifting.

Name:               Berna Inceoglu 

Acting range:  25 - 40 years

Height:              166 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Brown

Clothing Size:  EU 38

Shoes Size:       EU 37

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (US advanced)



Movies and Television - Selected

Valter                                                     Supportive      Dark Duck Studio, 2020, Director: Alexander Lönn

Försvunna människor                      Supportive      SVT, 2020, Director: Tova Magnusson


Bäckström                                           Supportive      Yellowbird, 2020, Director: Jonathan Sjöberg

Alex                                                        Supportive       SF Studio, 2018, Director: Alain DarborgManuel Concha

Vår tid är nu                                         Supportive       SVT, 2018, Director: Måns Herngren

The Gift                                                  Lead                   Bernie Win, 2017

It comes                                                 Lead                   Isparked studios, 2016

I die, you die                                          Lead                   Dunsäter Production, 2015

Stage - Selected


Tystnaden                                           Supportive                   Göteorgsstadsteater, 2021, Director: Bush Moukarzel & Lavinia

The Vagina monologues                 Supportive                  2020 NCEV-Stockholm


Commercial - Selected


Verisure                                                  Lead                               2021, Starkfilm  

Ericson                                                   Lead                                2021, Pegasus Pictures  

Chemtech                                             Lead                                2020, Oddway 

Education - Selected

                             Stella Adler Academy of Acting L.A 2018

                             Chubbuck Berlin Masterclass 2016

                             2 Lång Teaterskola 2014