Frederik Nilsson and Sofie Gällerspång with a scene from The Intern

Frederik Nilsson



Actor with an intense touch with the audience, both from stage and on screen.

I was born into a theater family. My father was the principal of Gothenburg's stage school. I graduated from Gothenburg Stage School in 1983. After that I started working at Borås City Theater. I have participated in a number of productions at Borås Theater, including Thirteenth Night, The Greedy Main Character and A Commercial Traveler Dead. In the death of a traveler, I played the role of Willy Lohman. For the role of Willy Lohman, I was nominated for Sweden's best actor in 2009 by SVD's critics' jury. I have also been in a long line of films some of them are: Irene Huss, Pingpong King, Orka Orka and Johan Falk kodnamn Lisa.

Name:               Frederik Nilsson

Acting range:  55 -75 years

Height:              178 cm

Hair:                   Silver Grey

Eyes:                  Brown

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 43

Movies and Television- Selected

438 dagar                                      Supportive               Miso Film Sverige, 2019 , Director: Jesper Ganslandt     

Halvdan Viking                            Supportive                Anagram Film, 2018 , Director: Gustaf Åkerblom

Johan Falk Kodnmn Lisa          Supportive                Strix Drama, 2012, Director: Charlotte Brändström

Ping-pongkingen                       Supportive                BOB Film Sweden AB, 2008, Director: Jens Jonsson

Orka Orka                                      Lead                            SVT Production, 2004, Directors: Marcus OlssonSusan Taslimi

Stage - Selected     

SnöDrottningen                            Lead                            Borås Stadsteater, 2017, Director: Josefin Andersson

Katitzi                                               Suportiv                     Borås Stadsteater, 2016 , Director: Ragna Wei

En handeslsresandes död          Lead                            Borås Stadsteater, 2009, Director:  Göran Stangertz

Borås 7 den girige                        Supportive                 Borås Stadsteater, 2008, Director: Sven Åke Gustavsson

En Fröjdefull jul                             Lead                             Borås Stadsteater, 2007, Director: Peter Nordstrand

Oliver Twist                                     Supportive                 Borås Stadsteater, 2006, Dircetor: Olle Pettersson  

Education - Selected

Göteborgs scenskola                                                                  1980-1983