I am an open and extroverted person. My way of approaching life is to throw myself out there and see what comes. I love making people smile and being silly. I feel a lot for and with others, I think all of these mentioned things is what makes me so excited about acting. Portraying emotions.

What I love about acting is all the different people I meet on productions and the fact that I constantly have to challenge myself in unknown situations. The more challenging the more fun! The same goes for characters, they should be complex and tricky.


If you choose me for your project, you get a playful individual with lots and lots of energy.

Name:               Thea Rolandsson

Acting range:  18 - 25 years

Height:              168 cm

Hair:                   Blonde

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU Small/38

Shoes Size:       EU 37/38

Language:               Swedish, English, Spanish
Swedish accents:   Göteborgska, Rikssvenska

Driving license:      No


Movies and Television - Selected

By the way                                          Lead                    André Vaara, 2022

Reality check                                      Supportive        Vilda Bomben, 2022

Act of love                                            Supportive        Valand och Köpenhamn Filmskola Produktion, 2022

Tiden Rinner ur mina händer        Supportive        Valand Filmskola Produktion, 2022

Syk Pike                                                Supportive        Garagefilm

Bad Lesbians                                      Lead                    Vilda bomben, 2021

Min Lilla Syster                                   Supportive         SVT, 2015