Hans Synnestvedt Jensen



How do I describe myself? The three H. Humble, Hardworking and Hungry.

I am an extremely hard-working person,
who always does what is required in all situations. I am perceived as easy to work with and have a lot of experiences in life that make me feel comfortable when others find it difficult

Name:               Hans Synnestvedt Jensen

Acting range:  30 - 40 years

Height:              188 cm

Hair:                   Bald

Eyes:                  Grey / Blue

Clothing Size:  EU -

Shoes Size:       EU -

Language:        English, Danish, Swedish 


Movies and Television - Selected

BECK 43                                                       Supportive            Filmlance / C-More, 2022

Gåsmamman Säsong 6                           Supportive            Bigster, 2022

Gåsmamman Säsong 5                           Supportive            Bigster, 2021

ALEX Säsong 2                                           Supportive            SF STudios / Via Play, 2019

Advokaten Säsong 1                                  Supportive           SF STudios / Via Play, 2018

VENI VEDI VICHI                                        Supportive           MTG Studios / Via Play, 2017