Jerker is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and loves to portray complex characters

I was born in 1956 in Gothenburg. Grew up in a regular middle class home with a big sister and two parents.
My mother worked at a book publisher. They published large exclusive books. Among other, one called ”the Viking”. We often sat and looked in it. There were great nice pictures from Iceland, the Faroe Islands and other exotic Viking places. We said we should go there and there and there. She never came to those places, but I have traveled there and fulfilled my mother's and my dream.
I went to the Nordic Folk High School drama and theater and then I came to the State actor School in Malmö. And since then I have worked as an actor in theater, film, radio and made voices in animated film.
I have worked with some of the really big ones in film and theater and done a lot of lead roles. And has worked in large parts of the world.
I do "Viking" martial arts, shield, sword and ax. Im not an ”afraid” actor and look at most things as an adventure!
I love my job and constantly try to renew and improve myself, both in terms of knowledge and ethics!

Name:              Jerker Fahlström 

Acting range:  55 - 65 years

Height:              182 cm

Hair:                   Cendré

Eyes:                  Blue 

Clothing Size:  EU 50-52

Shoes Size:       EU 42-43

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (Advanced)


Movies and Television - Selected

Heder                                                   Supportive      Viaplay, 2020, Director: Olof Johnsson 

VÅR                                                       Lead                  2019, Director: Matilda Savér

Kroongetuige                                    Lead                  RTL 4 Strix, 2018, Director: Toonie Dinjens

Bäckström                                          Supportive      SVT Drama, 2019, Director: Amanda Adolfsson , Jonathan Sjöberg

The House that Jack Built              Supportive      Zentropa , 2017, Director: Lars Von Trier

Alex                                                       Supportive       Viaplay & SF Studios, 2017, Director: Alain Darborg , Manuel Concha

Vår tid är nu                                        Supportive      jarowskij, 2017, Director: Harald Hamrell

En man som heter Ove                    Supportive      Tre vänner, 2015, Director: Hannes Holm 

Ängelby                                                 Lead                 Tre vänner, 2014, Director: Per Hanefjord

Education - Selected

Malmös teaterhögskola 1979 - 1982

Stage - Selected


Kom igen Charlie                               Supportive                      Bohusläns Teater, 2001

Katt, kära katt                                      Lead                                 Bohusläns Teater, 1996 

Lyckliga gatan                                     Supportive                      Nya Skånska Teatern, 1996 

Tors färd till Utgårdaloke                   Lead                                 Vikinga Museet, 1996