Acting reel

17e February 2021

Emelie Strömberg



Drama actress that with just one look can make you feel the whole universe.

"I have worked professionally as an actress since 2010. My base is Backa Theatre in Gothenburg, one of Swedens most prestigious an forward thinking stages. You can also see me in film and television shows as well as hear me in commercial voice overs. I´m a physichal actress with athletic skills including crossfit and american football. For me acting is to be curious and to see the human within every character. The will to understand the mechanism behind even the most obnoxius ones. I´m looking forward to hear from you and to be part of your production." - Emelie Strömberg

Name:                Emelie Strömberg

Acting range:   26 -37 years

Height:               169 cm

Hair:                    Brown

Eyes:                   Blue

Clothing Size:   EU 40/M

Shoes Size:        EU 38/39

Movies and Television - Selected

Måste Gitt - The series                          Supporting                     Indian Summer Film, Director: Ivica Zubak, Abbe Hassan, 2019

Grisen från Turkiet                                Supporting                      Madbunny Productions, Director: Tuna Özer, 2019

Unga Astrid                                             Featured                          Nordisk Film, Director: Pernille Fischer, 2018

En man som heter Ove                        Featured                          Tre Vänner, Director: Hannes Holm, 2015

Min lilla syster                                         Supporting                      Tangy, Director: Sanna Lenken, 2015

Stage - Selected

Nationen                                                  Supporting                         Backa Teater, Director: Beata Gårdeler, 2020

Blue Air                                                     Lead                                     Örebro Länsteater, Director: Oskar Thunberg, 2019

Skuggorna av Mart                                Lead                                     Backa Teater, Director: Mattias Andersson, 2018

Jeanne D'Arc                                           Lead                                     Backa Teater, Director: Emiliano Goessens, 2017

Körsbärsträdgården                             Supporting                         Göteborgs Stadsteater, Director: Anja Susa, 2017                                               Lead                                      Backa Teater, Director: Anja Susa, 2012

Utopia 2012                                              Lead                                     Backa Teater, Director: Mattias Andersson, 2012


Bachelor of Fine Arts at Luleå University of the Arts, 2005 - 2009