Thanks to her classical theater and circus background, Matilda Jelse has great breadth in her acting. She can credibly take on both emotionally-driven roles and those more physically demanding and then make them her own.

To be a movie actress is to have the privilege as an adult of playing in earnest with others who want to tell the same story as I do. I love the great variations in filmmaking and the characters that I get the chance to portray.

Thanks to my background in circus and acrobatics I feel strong with a great sense of control over my body. I think it's great fun to work with roles that are physically challenging, especially action movies that are symbiotically connected to drama and relationships between people. In the world of filmmaking I am allowed to immerse myself completely in the lives of other people, whether they are action heroes or mothers of small children. To get the chance to explore everything that these people represent in their external and internal thoughts and emotions that drive them forward is something I truly love"

If you choose me for your project, you get a playful individual with lots and lots of energy.

Matilda Jelse

Name:               Matilda Jelse

Acting range:  25 - 40 years

Height:              162 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU

Shoes Size:       EU 

Language:                 Swedish, English
Swedish accents:     Göteborgska, Rikssvenska
English accents:       American 
Driving license:         Yes

Special skills:             Basic riding skills, Basic acrobatics, singing (alt), dancing,                                          improvisation. 

Place of residence:   Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen      

Movies and Television - Selected

Kortfilm om demensvård                Lead                                Göteborgs Stad, 2020

ALEX                                                      Supportive                    SF Studios,  2017

Springfloden                                       Supportive                    Filmlance, 2015 Amnesty                              Supportive                    Fandango, 2012

Theater - Selected


Galateatern                                        Glori cirkusdir.             Clowner utan Gränser, 2021

Prinsessor                                            Schwarzwaldtårtan   Bataljonen, 2021

Takotohot                                            Talulah                          Bataljonen, 2021

Skamvrål                                              Sara                               Teater Gapet, 2018

Doktor Glas                                         Skuggan                      Opera Estrad, 2017



Clowner utan gränser, Grundkurs


Spoken Body, STDH


The Creative Preformer, Barcelona


Mimworkshop, Ika Nord


Artistlinjen, AFUK

2012 - 2013

Katrinebergs folkhögskola

2008 - 2010