I am playful, open and enormously passionate about my work.

Standing on stage or in front of the camera has always been an obvious part of who I am. I started singing and freelancing as a singer early on, which was my first interaction with the stage. But I also loved movies. I remember how as a child I dreamed away and imagined how I was some of the stories I saw unfolding on screen or on stage.

Thanks to a fantastic aesthetic education and its productions in high school, in the small town of Bollnäs, it was clear to me that acting was also something I definitely needed to do more of. After a few years where I combined the creative with a career as an elite handball player, I decided to put my shoes on the shelf and invest fully in the performing arts. I am educated at Kulturama's musical artist education & Stockholm Opera Center. I am constantly hungry to develop and improve my craft as an actor.

The magic that arises when you are completely dedicated to your teammate and the situation in question is for me among the most euphoric there is. There, I think the Meisner technology is a fantastic tool as it forces you to be completely connected to the present and extremely vulnerable. There is simply no time to analyze or block yourself.

Name:               Linnéa Elfström Schederin

Acting range:  20 - 35 years

Height:              174 cm

Hair:                   Red/Orange

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU M / 40

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:               Swedish, English
Swedish accents:   Stockholmska, Rikssvenska

Driving license:      Yes


Movies and Television - Selected

Craft (Commercial)                           Lead                                Fanny & Alexander Productions AB, 2022

Heder                                                    Supportive                    Bigster,  2021

Arla Kvarg (Commercial)                Lead                                Arla Foods AB, 2020

BECK                                                     Supportive                    Cmore, 2021

Suedi                                                     Supportive                    B-reel, 2020

Hamilton                                              Supportive                    Dramacorp Pampas Studios AB, 2019

Gåsmamman                                     Supportive                    Bigster, 2019

Theater - Selected

Trazan och Banane                         Supportive                     Per-Magnus Andersson, 2021

En Kul Grej Hände                            Lead                                Patrik Bergner, 2020



British Academy Of Dramatic Combat - Certifierad i Värja & Dolk och obeväpnat slagsmål


Stockholms Operacenter

Studio Meisner av Emelie Nyman


Torsbergs Gymnasium