Youssef Salama



Youssefs goal is to always develop as an actor and learn new techniques and methods

I was born and raised in Egypt. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by actors in movies and used my imagination to create different characters. I have always had the ability to perform others thoughts, feelings and actions. I find it easy to fantasize and find new ways of acting.

I began my career as an actor when I was 6-year-old. I performed various sketches in theater performances in the church, and continued to play theater in school. I decided to become a professional actor and studied at the Theater Institute in Cairo. During my studies, I participated in Egypt's largest independent theater group, Al-Warsha. My job was also to educate actors in theater, story-telling, dance and instruments. I also held workshops in various theater and film techniques.

I toured with Al-Warsha throughout Europe, including the Avignon Festival in France. I participated in project collaborations between Egypt and Sweden. My first participation in Sweden was in the performance Förvaret in Göteborgs Stadsteater. After that, I moved to Sweden. I have participated in various plays, films and TV series, including Johan Falk Spelets regler and Kodnamn Lisa. Most recently, I starred in the movie Boy from Heaven.

My goal is to always develop as an actor and learn new techniques and methods. I also do singing, drumming, belly dancing, stick-fighting and acrobatics.

Name:               Youssef Salama

Acting range:  35 - 50 years

Height:              173 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Olive Green 

Clothing Size:  EU S

Shoes Size:       EU 42

Language:        Swedish 



Movies and Television - Selected

Boy from heaven                                       Supportive    Atmo, 2022, Director: Tarek Saleh

Ser du månen Daniel                                Supportive    Nordic Film distribution , 2019, Director:  Niels Arden Oplev

Allt jag inte minns                                      Supportive    Black Spark & Kärnfilm, 2019, Director:  Beata Gårdeler

Jag behöver en man                                  Lead                El ahram, 2015, Director: Micheal Byoh

Johan Falk, Spelets regler                         Supportive    Fladen Film,2012, Director:  Charlotte Brandström

Johan Falk, Kodnamn Lisa                        Supportive    Fladen Film, 2012, Director:  Charlotte Brandström

Stilla natt                                                        Supportive    Dramatiska institutet, 2006, Director:  Amanda Adolfsson

Landskronas Julkalender                           Supportive    2012, Director: Sebastian Svärd

Education - Selected


Teaterutbildning Teaterinstitutet i Kairo