5e May 2021


Ulf is an experienced actor with a wide range in his acting. He can play anything from the hardcore maffia boss to the heartwarming family father.

I decided that I would become an actor already as an 11-year-old boy. There were no alternatives. I loved being seen, getting applause and being at the center of everyone's attention. I dropped out of high school, applied for the Skara school scene and got accepted at the first try. A couple of years after Skara, I applied for the Theater Academy in Stockholm and I was accepted and after I graduated my acting career started. I have played lead roles on stage and in film many times. I have worked in, Stockholms Stadsteater, Kronobergsteatern and Bohusläns Teater (later Regionteater Väst).When I turned 45 i completely broke with my acting career and instead devoted myself to directing and photography. Now I'm more eager than ever to start acting again. Acting is a serious game that requires maturity and craftsmanship.That’s where I am today!

Name:               Ulf Michal  

Acting range:  50 - 60 years

Height:              185 cm

Hair:                   Grey

Eyes:                  Blue/Green 

Clothing Size:  EU 50

Shoes Size:       EU 44

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (UK)


Movies and Television - Selected

Johan Falk - GSI                                Supportive      Strix, 2007, Director: Anders Nilsson

Ingen ser oss                                      Lead                  Amphi, 2007, Director: Henrik O. Andersson


Anita                                                     Supportive       2007, Director: Janne Ahnberg 

De drabbade                                      Supportive       SVT, 2003, Directors: Måns MårlindBjörn Stein & Dean Tomkins

Sjätte dagen                                       Supportive       SVT, 2000, Director: Dean Tomkins

Vita Lögner                                         Supportive       Mastiff, 1998, Director: Mats Arehn

War Dog                                              Supportive       1987, Directors: Björn Carlström, Daniel Hübenbecher

Education - Selected

Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm 1986-90

Skara Skolscen 1983-84 

Stage - Selected


    Herrar                                                        Lead                         Regionteater Väst, 2007, Director: Olof Lindqvist

    Minnen av vatten                                   Lead                         Regionteater Väst, 2006, Director: Maria Hörnelius

    Ljusets tjänare                                        Lead                          Regionteater Väst, 1997, Director: Lars Wassrin

    En bankrånares dagbok                      Lead                          Regionteater Väst, 1997, Director: Måns Edwall

    Stormen                                                   Lead                          Bohusläns teater, 1994, Director: Birgitta Bergström

    George Dandin/Moliere                       Lead                          Bohusläns teater, 1991, Director: Mario Gonzales

     Lyckopers resa                                       Lead                          Kronobergsteatern, 1990,  Director: Björn Seminko

     Lorca                                                         Lead                          Stockholms Stadsteater, 1989, Directors: Kristof Kovács