Robin is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and loves to portray complex characters

As an actor I love the drama aswell as the comedy. I dream about being the 7th member in "Friends" and one the survivers in "Lost".
My strength is my feelings. I keep them close and I like to use them in my roles.
As an actor I influence from my spanish roots, the drama over a spilled bottle or the noice during the siesta is what inspired me to become an actor.

/ Robin

Education - Selected

Balettakademien, Göteborg, Musikalutbildningen, 2017-20

Musikteaterskolan i Bjärnum, Musikal, 2016-17

Markaryds folkhögskola Show & Musikal,  2015-16

Name:               Robin Fajardo 

Acting range:  18 - 30  years

Height:              175 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Brown 

Clothing Size:  EU 48

Shoes Size:       EU 42

Language:              Swedish, English (Advanced), Spanish ( Advanced) 

Swedish accents:   Stockholmska, Söderslang.

English accents:     Swedish accent

Driving license:       Yes.

Special sills:              Singing, dancing, boxing, beatboxing
Place of residence:  Stockholm, Göteborg

Stage - Selected

Funny girl                                            Supportive      Malmö Opera, 2020, Director: Ronny Danielsson

Äppelkriget                                         Lead                 Helsingborgs stadsteater, 2019/2020, Director: Annika Kofoed

Bröderna Lejonhjärta                       Supportive     Astrid Lindgrens värld, 2018 Lisa Lindkvist

Barnens Slott                                       Lead                Kalmar slott, 2017,

Regnbågen                                          Supportive     Bruksspelet Klippan, 2016, Director: Annika Kofoed/ Melker Sörensen