Marcus is a physically expressive actor, and has a great linguistic breadth. He approaches his characters by digging into our darkest sides with the ambition to always be true

I grew up in a Stockholm suburb and if there is one thing that has shaped my journey, it is to move a lot and meet other cultures. It has contributed to my curiosity about people and the stories we tell.

I grew up with Croatian parents, which shaped me strongly.

Acting therefore became a natural choice already during high school. Since then, I have participated in several performances and film productions. Dance, song and acting have been natural elements of that journey.
I have also studied rhetoric and literature for 3.5 years at university.

Name:               Marcus von Plenker-Tind

Acting range:  25- 35 years

Height:              182 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Blue grey

Clothing Size:  EU 52/54

Shoes Size:       EU 44

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (UK & US)


Movies and Television - Selected

Heder                                                            Supportive    Bigster, 2021, Director: Joakim Eliasson

Jakten på den glömda historien           Supportive    Ur, 2020, Director: Mikael Drake

Hembesöket                                               Supportive    Makeriet Film, 2017, Director: Anders Hazelius

Baggy                                                           Supportive    Migma filmproduktion, 2012, Director: Anders Hazelius

Taxi                                                                Lead                Stockholms Filmskola, 2011, Director: Olof Lindh

Leo                                                                Supportive     Memfis Film, 2007, Director: Josef Fares

Ett öga rött                                                 Supportive     Tre vänner, 2007, Director: Daniel Wallentin

Stage- Selected


Upp Upp Vi Lyfter                                         Supportive                 Riksidrottsförbundet Sveriges, 2018, Director: Therese Bermann

Nicholas Nickleby                                         Lead                             Teater Accent, 2013, Director: Lina Krüger

Den goda människan i sezuan                 Lead                             Teater Accent, 2012, Director: Lina Krüger

Mästaren och Margarita                             Lead                             Teater Accent, 2010, Director: Lina Krüger

Tolvskillingsoperan                                      Lead                             Teater Accent, 2009, Director: Lina Krüger

Dubbelgångar                                              Lead                             Teater Accent, 2008, Director: Lina Krüger

Runaways                                                      Supportive                  Teater Accent, 2006, Director: Lina Krüger

Education - Selected

                        Teater accent, Teacher Linda krüger 2006 – 2013

                                Viktor Rydbergs teaterlinje 2006 - 2008