Henrik is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and can portray complex characters as well as humoristic ones

I am an actor of 37 years and have through my studies at theater colleges and universities developed my knowledge of acting. I feel best on the stage or in front of the camera and act / react. I am passionate about this profession and I have a very easy to playing / interpreting different characters. I am happy and positive and have an easy time improvising and directing. I am a versatile actor who loves all the profession's opportunities for variety and challenges! 

I have work with film, TV, theater, commercials and model. 

Name:              Henrik Andersson 

Acting range:  24 - 36 years

Height:              189 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Blue 

Clothing Size:  EU 50

Shoes Size:       EU 44

Language:                Swedish, English

English accents:     American

Driving license:       Yes

Special skills:            Improvisation, football, handball, 

Place of residence:  Lund 

Movies and Television - Selected

Tunna Blå Linjen                               Supportive     Anagram, 2020, Director: Sanna Lenken

Advokaten säsong 2                         Supportive      SF Studios, 2019, Director: Geir Henning Hopland & Pontus Klänge

Tsunami                                               Supportive      Filmlance, 2018, Director: Henrik Georgsson

Alla hästar hemma                           Supportive      Anagram, 2018, Director: Linn Mannheimer & Måns Nilsson

Faunutland And the lost magic    Supportive      Phelecan Films AB, 2018, Director: Marcus Ovnell

Stage - Selected


Ballet de Luxe                                    Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2020 

Petterson & Findus                               Lead                               Julita Gård, 2019 

Kameliadamen                                  Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2019 

Tosca                                                     Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2019

Läderlappen                                        Supportive                      Det Kongelige Teater, 2018/19

Parken                                                   Supportive                      Malmö Opera, 2018

Education - Selected

Lunds Universitet Filmvetenskap med skådespelarinriktning Kandidat 2017-2018 

Lunds Universitet Filmvetenskap med skådespelarinriktning 2014-2015 

Malmö  Teaterhögskola, 2013 - 2014