Davy Eduard King



He loves being pushed to discover the deeper layers of a character, especially if the character isnt one thats an 'obvious' choice in relation to Davy as a person.

Right before moving too the United States of America, back in 2005, to study and play college basketball, I fell in love with acting. After received my B.A in Arts in 2009, I moved back to the Netherlands to pursue a career in acting.

In 2014 I realised there was nothing more I wanted in the world than be an actor, so I quit my job as a Personal Trainer, to now fully focus on being a fulltime actor. I haven’t done anything else since then.

I’ve worked on many Dutch TV Shows and a few features. Being the face of a huge campaign for a national supermarket, really “put me on the map.” During the summer of 2021 I filmed my first American/Canadian feature.

Some people tell me I should move to America, and some say I would do great staying in Europe. But if you ask me, I love acting so much, it doesn’t matter where I do it; as long as I can be on set, make film, and meet people with the same passion and mindset.

Name:               Davy Eduard King

Acting range:  25 - 40 years

Height:              194 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Dark Brown

Clothing Size:  EU M/L

Shoes Size:       EU 46

Language:        English 



Movies and Television - Selected

To Catch a Spy                                            Supportive    Leif Films, 2021, Director: Jeff Beesly

Spangas                                                       Supportive     NL Film, 2021, Director: David Cocheret

Diggy Dex:Carroussel                               Supportive     Phaedon FIlms, 2021, Director: Mike Meijer

Möbius’ Trip                                                 Supportive     Monkey Shoot, 2021, Director: Matt Jaems

Judeska: Bon Bini in Da House              Supportive       HHVA, 2020, Director: Jonathan Herman 

Education - Selected

B.A. of Arts Warturg College – Waverly, IA, Instructor: William Earl

Chubbuck Technique Romy Acting Studio – Amsterdam, Instructor: Ivana Chubbuck