David is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and loves to portray different characters from a gangster to a businessman.

David S. Lindgren was born and raised in southern Sweden by a Swedish mother and an Albanian father. Today he speaks two languages ​​fluently, Swedish, Norwegian and basic English and he also speaks almost completely fluent Albanian. Lindgren realized early on that he loved acting and theater when he as a child participated in many of the school's plays. For four years after graduating from the trade program, Lindgren traveled around the world, starting for a year in Australia and then on to Norway, Brazil and Prague before returning to Sweden. Lindgren studied "Acting for film" at the Prague Film School in the Czech Republic. At school, Lindgren was involved in a dozen short film projects, worked VO for video games, was the main model for advertising for Storm London and also played the role of a game admin in the award-winning documentary "The Blue whale challenge". Lindgren has played very different roles in recent times. Among other things in the role of Nazi leader in "Thin Blue Line" (SVT), "King Adolf Fredrik I in the new drama series" The Queens "(Cmore / Tv4) and" MFF Players "In the new film 

"I Am Zlatan" (B-Reel Film / Nordic Film AB. Lindgren has also for the past two years played the lead role as: ”John Dohoe” who is a father, psychopath and murderer in the new feature film "Vanished Without A Trace" Produced by: ”Twister Film Production” and Writen & Directed by: Francesco Valentino.

Name:               David S. Lindgren 

Acting range:  25 - 35 years

Height:              183 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue 

Clothing Size:  EU 48

Shoes Size:       EU 43 

Language:        Swedish 



                            Danish (Basic) 

                            Albanian (Basic)

Movies and Television - Selected

I Am Zlatan                                         Supportive    Nordisk Film AB, 2021, Director: Jens Sjögren

Hämnarens Fiende                           Lead               DSL Film Production, 2021, Director: David S. Lindgren

Vanished Without A Trace              Lead               Twister Film Production,2021, Director: Francesco Valentino

Blombukett                                        Supportive     Alisabri Production Plus, 2021,  Director: Ali Sabri Belaid

The Phone                                           Supportive    Twister Film Production, 2021, Director: Francesco Valentino

Tunna blå Linjen                                Supportive   Anagram/SVT, 2021, Director: Mikael Hansson

Andra Sidan                                        Lead               Margareta Pettersson Production, 2021, Director: Margareta Pettersson

Den sista striden                               Supportive     Kulturama, 2021, Director: Vladimir Galdamez Garcia

Grey Un Padre                                   Supportive    Kulturama, 2021,  Director: Marcus Olsen

Nemesis                                              Supportive     Kulturama, 2021, Director: Mehdi Zaad

Drottningarna                                    Supportive   Art & Bob AB, 2020, Director: Christian Arnet

Up4Noise                                             Supportive   SVT, 2020, Director: Amelie Nörgaard

Oskrivet Blad                                      Supportive   Folkhögskolan, 2019, Director:  Victor Skara

Crossroads                                           Supportive  Margareta Pettersson Production, 2019, Director: Margareta Pettersson

The Blue Whale Challenge             Supportive  BK Cam Production, 2018, Director:  Slim Jamoussi

In Parallel,                                             Supportive  Filip Stransky Prod, 2018, Director: Filip Stransky

Education - Selected

                                         Prague Film School 2018- 2019