Daniel Sheybani



Daniel is an actor who always put a lot of time and energy into his characters and making it his own.

I wasn’t born into a theater family, in fact they didn’t always support it.
I’m not a classically trained actor.
I didn’t graduate from a prestigious school.
I can’t honestly say that I always wanted to become an actor.
I grew up in a troubled suburban area.
I had to work harder than most to get to where I am.
I chose acting, acting didn’t choose me.
I wouldn’t change anything in my life, because it made me who I am today.

Acting is my art form,
I can not live without it.

Name:               Daniel Sheybani

Acting range:  20 - 35 years

Height:              184 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Dark Brown 

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 42

Language:                 Swedish, English
Swedish accents:     Stockholmska, Göteborgska
English accents:       American, Canadian, Brittish, Scandinavian

Driving license:         Yes

Special skills:             Stage fighting/martial art, American Football,
                                      Soccer and Handball.
Place of residence:   Gothenburg, Stockholm, Falun

Movies and Television - Selected

Drömmar om Las Vegas                  Lead               Overkill productions, 2021 Director: Per-Anders Nilsson

Som du                                                 Supportive    2020 , Director: Josef Ingmår

Min Dröm Är Bättre Än Din            Supportvie    CW productions 2019, Director: Christer Wahlberg 

Ser du månen, Daniel                      Supportive     Cinenic Film AB,  2019 , Directors: Niels Arden Oplev, Anders W.  Berthelsen


La Bohéme                                           Supportive              Göteborgs Operan, 2020 

Enleveringen ur Seraljen                  Lead                          Opera Warberg, 2018 

Boris Godunov                                     Supportive              Göteborgs Operan, 2018 

Idomeneo                                             Supportive              Göteborgs Operan, 2016 

Education - Selected

Angereds teaterskola, 2019 - 2020

Wendelsberg Kultur/Drama, 2012 - 2013

Angereds Teaterlinje/Schillerska teaterlinje, 2009 - 2012