12th of October 2020

Alexander Virenhem



Actor with a remarkable presence and the ability to capture every emotion in a pure and sensitive way.

"I’ve been an actor my entire life. The same source of imagination I used to emerge myself while playing pretend as a child, I still tap into this day while working as an actor. I have appropriately studied and worked with acting for the last few years; however, throughout my life, I’ve developed qualities that I’m now able to apply to my craft, e.g., empathy, curiosity, imagination, adherence. Basic traits I always strive to stay in touch with fuel my intuition.
As an actor, I’ve been complimented as “easy to work with,” and I take great pride in being able to deliver what is expected of me. However, I won’t shy away from the spotlight, and I will take initiatives to try to elevate a scene. Whether it be on the stage or set, I always aspire to make accurate portrayals that leave lasting impressions." - Alexander Virenhem


Name:               Alexander Virenhem

Acting range:  16 -25 years

Height:              188 cm

Hair:                   Light brown

Eyes:                  Green/Brown

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 44

Movies and Television

Så jävla easy Going                     Supportive                Cinetic, Film i Väst, SVT, Hummelfilm, 2020, Director: Christoffer Sandler

Lyckoviken                                    Supportive                Film i Väst, 2020, Director: Andreas Lindergård

My demons                                   Supportive                It's media production, 2019, Director: Amanda Carselind


Sandholm                                       Lead                            Skara Skolscen, 2020, Director Alexandra Lindholm

Nu är du gud igen                        Lead                            Skara Skolscen, 2019, Director Björn Sjöqvist

Människor & stolar                        Lead                            Teater Jaguar, 2019, Director Peter Nordstrand

Education - Selected

Skara Skolscen                                                                             2019 - 2020

Scenkonstakademin                                                                  2019

Kurs för filmskådespeleri - Morten Vang Simonsen          2018

Skådespelarkurs - Folkuniversitetet                                       2018