Commercial Reel

8th of September 2020

Tima Persson



Drama actress with a wide range of feelings that will mesmerize her audience.

"My name is Tima Persson and I studied in Los Angeles during two years and earned an Associate of Fine Arts degree in Acting for Film. I then went on to London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art for a semester in Classical Acting in order to learn more about the depth of William Shakespeare and the english classical training. I have worked in Sweden, Denmark and Los Angeles in both Theater, Film and Television. For me, the reason why I wanted to be an actress was because I wanted to tell stories who would change someone's life for the better, the way great movies and TV-shows changed my life and still keep changing my life every day. Nothing is more important to me than mastering my craft, to bring out the truthfulness of every character I play in order to tell the story in an honest and real way, by using mixed techniques such as sensory memory and method acting among others. Life is full of stories to be told and growing up watching so many amazing stories, I fell in love with writing my own movies and producing them. Beside from the love of acting I love everything that has to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I have been obsessed with Orcinus Orcas - also known as Killer Whales since I was just 5 years old." 

- Tima Persson

Name:                Tima Persson

Acting range:   20 -28 years

Height:               163 cm

Hair:                    Blond

Eyes:                   Brown/Green

Clothing Size:   34

Shoes Size:        EU 38

Stage - Selected

Ett Sista Glas Champagne                  Supporting                        Comedy Art Theater, 2019

Circusmordet 1928                                 Lead                                    Comedy Art Theater, 2018-2019

The House of Yes                                    Lead                                     The Acme Theater, 2016


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, 2017

New York Film Academy - Los Angeles, 2015 - 2016

Stella Adles - Studio of Acting New York, 2014


Vileda Städ SV/DK                            Lead                                     Creative Peoples, 2020

ATG - Singing Horses                       Lead                                     Camp David, 2019

Triss - Summer Love                         Lead                                     Jungle Relations, 2019

Movies and Television - Selected

Loose Reins                                            Lead                                   Director: Tima Persson, 2020

Crossroad                                                Supporting                      Film South Production, 2019

Drömmarnas Lund                               Featured                          Director: Gustaf Lennman, 2018

Keops Pyramid                                       Featured                          VF Productions, 2017

A Walk To Remember                          Supporting                      Director: Christopher Cass, 2016