Sophie Lüttgenau



Sophie is an actress who always put a lot of time and love into her characters and making it her own.

Nothing makes me happier than having a script in hand working on a character. With my background in dance I have an awareness of my movements and body and know how to use my dancing skills to transform physically in to a character. Nothing beats standing in front of the camera or on stage getting the honor of portraying someone’s life or making someone’s work come to life, just like I come alive when I act. I love playing strong characters with a vulnerable side, because the vulnerability is what makes us human.  My dream is to portray a

royal character in a period drama

/ Sophie

Name:               Sophie Lüttgenau

Acting range:  18 - 25 years

Height:              175 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 38/39

Language:             Swedish , German, British, American , Southern, Irish  

Swedish accents:   Rikssvenska, stockholmska (Lidingö/Sigtuna)
English accents:     Irish RP, Cockney English, British RP,
                                   standard American, general american,
                                   American southern (rothic and non rothic), New york,

Driver license:           No

Special skills:             Fluent in german, dance 10+ years (Ballett,                                                          Contemporary, Jazz, Street and Ballroom)

Place of residence:   Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö

Movies and Television

Kluredo Mordmysterium                     Lead                Mordmysterium Sverige AB, 2020,

Killin‘ it Web series                                 Lead                Vis Productions, 2019/2020 , Director: Gustav Högmo

Attack of the B-film                               Supportive    Bloody fierc, 2019-2020 , Director:  Sarah Giercksky/ Andres Ramos


Jakes women                                            Lead                               American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2018 

Last summer at bluefish cove              Lead                               American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2017 

Uncommon women and others          Supportive                   American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2017 

Education - Selected

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (2016-2018)