24th of January 2020

Sofie Gällerspång



Drama actress with a delicate toutch for character development.

I like to portray people with a fighting spirit, while they contend with a dark and difficult existence. We all experience times that feels hopeless, yet we continue to take risks and fight for what´s important to us – We will never give up! Having the chance to explore and express these struggles is what attracts me to these types of roles.  I also love to portray complex characters where I as an actress both can show my emotional side in drama, as well as my comedic acting abilities in more humorous roles, with dark undertones."

/ Sofie Gällerspång

Name:                    Sofie Gällerspång

Acting range:       25 -35 years

Height:                   170 cm / 5'7"

Hair:                        Brown

Eyes:                       Brown

Clothing Size:       EU 38/M

Shoes Size:            EU 38/39

Languages:           Swedish, English

Special skills:       
Role work for both Film & Theater
                                 Voice acting
                                 Drama & comedy
                                 Driving licence B

Movies and Television - Selected

Valter                                             Supporting     Dark Duck Studio, Director: Alexander Lönn, 2021
Agera Maya                                  Supporting.    Makeriet AB, Director: Arvin Kananian, 2021
Alice                                               Lead                  JOVA-ART Film Production, Director: Alexander Lönn, 2021
Vår tid är nu                                 Featured         Svt, Jarowskij, 2017
Up in the sky                               Featured          Memfis Film, Director: Petter Lennstrand
Monky                                           Featured         Unlimited Stories, Director: Maria Blom, 2016

Commercial - Selected

Stadsmissionen     Supporting    Oddway, 2021
Hemtex                    Lead                Hemtex, 2019

ICA                             Lead                ICA, 2018                       Lead                Hoy. 2016

Stage - Selected

Half finished     Lead     Gbgimpro, 2019-2022

A story of life     Lead     S&J, 2015-2016

It will hurt          Lead     SIWensemble, 2014

Education - Selected

Linda Hull, Voice training for actors, 2016 ->

Hull Actors Studio, Lee Strasberg´s method. 2014, 2016

Theater studies, Gothenburg University. 2013-2014

Comercial Reel

24th of January 2020