Sarah is a fearless actor with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to portray complex character.

What I love about acting is all the different people I meet on productions and the fact that I constantly have to challenge myself in unknown situations. The more challenging the more fun! The same goes for characters, they should be complex and tricky.


If you choose me for your project, you get a playful individual with lots and lots of energy.

Movies and Television - Selected

Så jävla easy going                    Supportive                 Christoffer Sandler, 2022

HUSS                                               Supportive                 Yellowbird, 2020

Volvo                                                Supportive                 2016
Vår tid är nu                                  Supportive                 Jarowskji, 2016

Commercial and Model - Selected


Hejco                                                    Model                    2021 

Gårda Chips                                       Lead                      Bioreklam Oddway, 2019

Skopunkten                                        Lead                      Lucky Punk Film, 2018

Skopunkten                                        Lead                      Lucky Punk Film, 2017

STS                                                        Lead                       Malta, 2015

Name:                Sarah Boman

Acting range:   18 - 30 years

Height:               172 cm

Hair:                    Blonde

Eyes:                   Blue

Clothing Size:   EU 38

Shoes Size:        EU 38/39

Language:                  Swedish, English
Swedish accents:      Göteborgska, Rikssvenska
English accent:          Brittish, American, Southern

Driving license:          Yes

Special skills:              Singing, painting, workout, gym, yoga

Place of residence:    Västra Götaland. (No problem to travel)