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Sara Behr Andersson



Sara is an actress with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to explore her role's. 

I am a very ambitious actress to take on a new role and perform full potential. My mind is drawn to cinematic storytelling. When you reinforce what people are trying to say, like life. How I can create emotions out of light and use the place as an advantage for character and world of story.As an actress I am described with professionalism, positive, loyal and a face who is easy to transform into different characters. I gladly perform in charismatic and strict rolls, my main goal is to grow a deeper psychological character in films that shows a futuristic new world.I love physical challenges, to act in colorful adventurous nature gives me sparkles.

Would be an honor to act in your next film project while traveling the world.

                                                                                                                                              / Sara

Name:               Sara Behr

Acting range:  24 - 36 years

Height:              173 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 39

Language:                Swedish, English, German (basic) 

Swedish accent:      Standardsvenska, skånska
English accent:        American
Driving license:        Yes 
Special skills:            Four steps dance, runway, pilates/vinyasa, golf,                                                         swimming and outdoor terrain running.

Place of residence:  Stockholm, Göteborg, Karlskrona, Lund, Simrishamn


Movies and Television - Selected

Nattryttarna                                                Supportive     Jarowskji, 2021 Director: Molly Hartleb & Julia Lindström.

Lyckoviken                                                   Supportive      Mastiff, Viaplay, 2021, Director: Peter Lindmark.

Försvunna Människor                               Supportive      Unlimited Stories, SVT, 2021, Director: Tova Magnusson.

Den Størsta Førbytelsen                          Supportive      Film i Väst/Fantefilm, 2020, Director: Marius Holst.

Vår tid är nu                                                 Supportive       Jarowskij, SVT, 2019, Director:  Anna Zackrisson & Andrea Östlund.

Springfloden 1 & 2                                       Supportive       Feber Casting, SVT, 2018, Director: Mattias Ohlsson.

438 dagar                                                      Supportive       Miso Film, 2018, Director: Jesper Ganslandt.

Commercial - Selected


Polisen Region Syd                      Lead                Sting Reklambyrå, 2021.

Vasakronan                                    Lead                 BloomCreative, 2021 Regissör: Marie Anfinset.

Stora Enso                                      Lead                  Rymd Communication 2021, Regissör: Marcus Lewander.

Försvarsmakten                            Lead                  Diktator TV, 2021, Regissör Meeto Grevsen.

Intersport                                        Lead                  Warner & Bros Entertainment, 2020, Regissör: Pauline Carlsohn