Sannaz is an actress with a wide range in her acting ability and she speaks three languages ​​fluently

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden but was raised throughout Canada and the United States, which granted me with endless exposure and unique experiences of many different cultures and lifestyles. I had ambitions of becoming an actor from a young age, admiring the characters that were constants throughout my childhood, while the environment around me so often shifted. After 20 years of living in the states, I moved back to Stockholm and began pursuing my dreams of acting. I love every second of being on set so when I’m not in front of the camera, I work behind the scenes, gaining experience and knowledge within production, which helps me understand all aspects of film making and gives me the opportunity to become the most well rounded actor I can be. I have been cast in a wide variety of roles and am trilingual, speaking English, Swedish and Farsi fluently.

Name:               Sannaz Salman

Acting range:  18 - 30 years

Height:              165 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Dark Brown

Clothing Size:  EU 38

Shoes Size:       EU 39

Language:        American mother tongue 



Movies and Television - Selected

Tesla                                                       Lead                  2021, Director: Gustav Högmo

Tunnels                                                 Lead                  2020, VIS Productions AB

KILLIN' IT                                               Lead                  2020, VIS Productions AB

The Magical Umbrella                      Supportive       2020, Director: Sofia Sjödin

Jag känner dig                                    Supportive       2020, Director: Lars Massmann

Kalifat                                                    Supportive       2019, Filmlance International AB

Lights After Dark                                Supportive       2019, Ordinary Film

Monster                                                 Supportive       2019, Wildside Films AB

Control The Hunt                                Supportive       2019, Director: Electra Gustafsson

På tunn is                                              Supportive       2019, Spiral Film

Den utvalde                                          Supportive       2019, Thrive Productions

The Rage                                                Supportive      2019, Landin Production



Swedbank                                              Lead                             Esteban AB