Sabina always brings her intellect to her work as an actor by utilizing her knowledge of psychology, history, and politics to delve deeper into her characters.

I have learned that I am my happiest when I act. I love it all, I love the classes, the audition process, preparing for a role, learning the lines, and finally, coming to set, meeting the crew and my fellow actors. I love connecting with people and I love how acting is a team sport.

There are a million reasons for why I fell in love with acting, maybe they matter, maybe they don’t. All I know is that my life makes sense when I get to pursue it.

I am a keen learner and spend a lot of time analyzing scripts and characters. But I also love spontaneity and improvisations, a skill I have developed by playing roleplaying-games for many years. I do both comedy and drama well. I especially enjoy portraying characters where I get to use a wide range of emotions. I want the audience to love, hate, laugh and cry with me.

Name:               Sabina Khamoshi

Acting range:  25 - 40 years

Height:              163 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Dark Brown

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 37 - 38

Language:               Swedish, English, Farsi
Swedish accent:    Rikssvenska
English accent:      American

Driving license:      No

Special Skills:         Improvisation, Rock Climbing, Programming, Gaming
                                  Role-playing (Dnd, Symbaroum, Mutant, etc.)

                                  Dance: Ballet & Contemporary

Movies and Television - Selected

Akuten                                                Supportive             Marléne Alpglöd, 2022

Måndag                                              Lead                        Ville Mäkäräinen, Kerstin Olsson & Alies Torfs. 2022

Sociala Medier Akuten                   Lead                        Rebecca Johansson, 2022

Diskret Matematik                          Supportive             Lucia Pagano & Vanja Sandell Billström, 2022

Trevlig helg                                        Supportive             Art & Bob, 2022

Kärlek & Anarki                                 Supportive             FLX, 2021

Dock ´n´ Roll                                    Supportive             Ur, 202

Commercials and Music video - Selected

Mindsapp                                             Lead                    Schibsted Brand Studio, 2022

Nackademin                                        Lead                   Chiffer. 2022

Systembolaget                                    Supportive        Giants & Toys, 2022

Ica Maxi Gnista                                    Lead                   Sprice AB, 2021

Trombone (Musikvideo)                    Supportive        Aron Chupa Feat. Lil sis. 2020


 Robert Bengtsson Workshop -Filmskådespeleri, Long-takes, self-taping, smink och ljussättning för rasifierad hud, 2022


Kulturama - Kurs i filmskådespeleri med Vladimir Dikanski - 2022

Privatlektioner med Michael Hamory - 2022

Luleå Universitet - Introduction to Acting - 2022

Brundin Csting - Provfilmning och Skådespelarteknik - 2022