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Melisa Ferhatovic



Melisa is an actor with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to explor her role's darkest secrets. 

Melisa is an actress that gained an immense interest for acting at a very young age. 

When young, she regularly took drama classes at an acting school, aside from regular schooling and now enjoys working with both drama and comedy projects.

She is driven, can easily access emotions and is drawn to projects that have deep stories and realistically written characters. 

She is not bound to any location and happily accepts challenges!

Name:               Melisa Ferhatovic

Acting range:  16 - 24 years

Height:              172 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Hazel

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:        Swedish 



Movies and Television - Selected

La tormenta Sueca                                   Lead               Way Creative Films, 2021, Director:  Roberto Duarte

Alter Ego                                                      Lead               Fridhems folkhögskola, 2021, Director: Klara Remme-Larsen,

CHIP                                                              Lead               Fridhems folkhögskola, 2020, Director: Nanna von Essen,

Bra för dig                                                    Lead               Skurups folkhögskola, 2020, Director: Linus Enlund,

Ändå dör jag med varje steg jag tar     Lead               BobCut Films, 2020, Director: Daniela Runesson,

Sagan om Dilan & Moa                             Supportive   Anagram, 2020, Director: Sissela Benn 

Tunna Blå Linjen                                         Supportive   Anagram, 2020, Director: Anders Hazelius,

Commercial - Selected


Subaru Outback                                          Lead                              Way Creative Films, 2021, Director:  Joachim Hedén

AF Bostäder                                                  Lead                              Monofilm media, 2020-2021, Director: Janssen Herr

Sparbanken Skåne                                      Supportive                  Dunderville, 2020, Director: Erik Arheden & Jonas Kornhall,


Education - Selected

                                                     The Film Attic     2021

                                                     Cinemantrix       2020