Presentation video

22th of April 2020

Maja Holmgren Larsson




”Throughout my childhood I have been surrounded by creative people and settings. Already as a little girl I took part in various adverts, and with a mother working within the tv and media industry this continued throughout my childhood. I have also had the opportunity working as a newsreader for children and young people within commercial radio. After taking part in various theatre performances, educations and working as an extra in films and tv programmes, my interest for theatre has rapidly grown. I have therefore decided to learn and develop as much as I possibly can within acting to enable me to become an established actress.” – Maja Holmgren Larsson

Name:                Maja Holmgren Larsson

Acting range:   14 -20 years

Height:               163 cm

Hair:                    Blond

Eyes:                   Blue

Clothing Size:   EU 40/M

Shoes Size:        EU 39

Movies and Television - Selected

Vår tid är nu                                                         Featured         Svt, Jarowskij, 2019

Hur många kramar finns det i världen        Featured         Sonet Film, 2012

Stage - Selected

Göteborgs Historia       Supporting     Teaterhuset Mölndal, 2019

Titanic som komedi     Supporting     Teaterhuset Mölndal, 2018

Commercial - Selected

Catcalling                                           Lead             Catcalling, Director: Lina Svensson, 2019

Barn och ungdomsartiklar            Lead             Paper Reed, 2019

Fordons gas                                       Lead             Newsroom, Director: Åsa Frykberg, 2009

Bingolotto                                          Lead             Eyeworks. Director: Bengt Janson, 2005