Presentation video.

17th February 2021. 

Lina Jörgina



Drama actress with a wide range of emotions and a beautiful ability to grasp characters different endeavours.

"Most people are unfamiliar with something they themselves have not experienced, I am no exception. By analyzing and studing the emotional range of the characters in different situations I have a way to access real and honest emotions.

I have always wanted to be an actress. But as always with childhood dreams, you do not know if it will remain just a dream, for me it didn´t.

What I love most about acting is playing different characters. At first I saw my emotions as an obstacle but after talking to one of my teachers I now embrace them and I have learned how to use them. My emotions are my biggest asset.

So now, I fully embrace it. I am an actress, with all that entails, and I absolutely love my job." - Lina Jörgina

Name:                Lina Jörgina

Acting range:   18 -30 years

Height:               170 cm / 5'7"

Hair:                    Blond

Eyes:                   Blue/Green

Clothing Size:   EU 38/M

Shoes Size:        EU 39

Language:                   Swedish, English
Swedish accents:       Göteborgska, Stockholmska

Engkvist accents:      American standard
Drivning license:        No
Special skills:              Singing, dancing
Place of residence:    Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö

Movies and Television - Selected

Djungelns lag                              Lead                 Dark Duck Studio, 2021, Director: Lisa Gripenberg 

Agata Christies Sven Hjerson   Supportive     BRF, 2021, Directors: Lisa James Larsson och Lisa Farzaneh

Sagan om Carl-Bertil Jonsson  Supportive      SF Studios, 2020, Director: Hannes Holm

Värkligen                                        Lead                  Dark Duck Studio, 2020, Director: Alexander Lönn Ardefelt

Rainbow Cowgirl                          Supporting     Dark Duck Studio, 2020, Director: Alexander Lönn Ardefelt

Måste Gitt                                       Featured         Indian Summer Film, 2019, Director: Ivica Zubak


Hickap                                            Lead                 Yo Adrian, 2021, Directors: Johan Andersson & Martin Rörberg

Vi är Higab                                    Lead                 Raccoon One, 2019, Director: Sebastian Hammarmo

Västlänken                                    Lead                 Västsvenska Fkt, 2018, Director: Jan Eneroth

Don't Rain On My Parade         Lead                 LB. 2016, Director: Linda Barack

Stage - Selected

Don Giovanni                                Supportive        Götebogs operan, 2021, Director: John Fulljames

Eriksbergskranen                        Lead                    Göteborgs Stadsteater, 2019, Director: Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad

Fame                                               Supporting      Mimers Teater, 2017, Director: Kristina Rossa Ek, Andreas Skön

Grease                                             Supporting      Mimers Teater, 2016, Director: Lena Dackehed


Teater.                                                            Wendelsbergsfolkhögskola, pågående 
Film, Text & Performance                         Kvinnofolkhögskolan, 2019-2020

Feministiskt Fokus: Teater                       Kvinnofolkhögskolan. 2019

Musikal, Estetiska Programmet             Mimers Hus 2015 -2017