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Julia is an actress with the ability to make her characters her own and capture the audiences attention. 

I am drawn to the variation within the acting field. When everything around me disappears and it is just me and my scene partner; those moments I love. What drives my acting is curiosity to the person behind all layers. Vulnerability is not always appreciated in the ordinary world and people usually speak of the power of change within an individual. I look towards what others do not wish to see; the insecurities and moments when one feels powerfless. I wonder what motivates that individual. I am a physical actress. Even when I am standing still there is movement within me. It gives life to my performance

Name:               Julia Glisic 

Acting range:  18 - 30 years

Height:              172 cm

Hair:                   Brown 

Eyes:                  Brown

Clothing Size:  EU 34/36

Shoes Size:       EU 39/40

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (Advanced)


Movies and Television - Selected


Pappas pojkar S2                               Supportive        Nexiko, 2021, Director: Jonna Nordenskiöld

Gränser                                                Supportive        2020, Director: Annelie Bouvin

KOR                                                       Supportive        Androbmedia AB , 2019, Director: Alireza Badiee

Schizo                                                    Lead                   2017, Director: Markus Vik

En man som heter Ove                     Supportive       Tre Vänner, 2015, Director: Hannes Holm

John Hron                                             Supportive       Glimmer film, 2015, Director: Jon Pettersson

Känn Ingen Sorg                                 Supportive        Acne drama. 2013, Director: Måns Mårlind och Björn Stein

Education - Selected

Nordiska teaterskolan 2015 -2017 

Stage - Selected


Halvklart                                                  Lead                              Göteborg impro 2021 

En gång drömde jag                            Lead                              Experiment Cikada, 2018

På det fjärde ska det ske                     Lead                              Opus scenkonst, 2017

Jag Ska Döda Hela Världen                Lead                               Nordiska Teaterskolan, 2016 

Illusioner                                                  Lead                               Nordiska Teaterskolan, 2015

Nästa Brunnsparken                          Supportive                     
Schillerska Gymnasiet, 2014