20th of April 2020

Ida Karolin Johansson



Comedy actress with an outstanding dramatic depth.

"To me the delivering of deep and genuine emotion is the most important and inspiring thing to do. To stay in the moment and to be present after coming well prepared is what drives me as an actress and my goal is too always strive to give that feeling to the ones I work with and preform for.

I genuinely love every second in front of the camera, the realistic acting and the cooperation with the director. I have been described as an actress who is professional, adaptable, loyal, multifaceted and positive.

It is an honor and very exciting for me to take on a new role in all genres and find my characters full potential.

I am all heart, emotions and explosions." 

/ Ida Karolin Johansson

Name:                Ida Karolin Johansson

Acting range:   40 - 50 years

Height:               165 cm

Hair:                    Brown

Eyes:                   Blue/Gray/Green

Clothing Size:   EU 36

Shoes Size:        EU 39

Langugare:                Swedish, English

Swedish accents:     Rikssvenskaand Västgötska
Special skills:            Dancing, singing, stagefight, improvisation, can                                                  drive large machines (tractors, agricultural machines,                                        chainsaws, loaders, etc.) Driving license for forklift
Driving license:        Yes

Movies and Television - Selected

Snorkråkan                              Supporting                Svt Barn/Kass Humor, - 2020

Sommaren 85                         Supporting                Svt/Art & Bob - 2019

Uti Bögda                                Supporting                 Svt/Kass Humor, 2016-2018

Tjuvjägaren                             Supporting                 Affekt Film, - 2017

Solsidan                                   Featured                     Jarowskij/FLX, - 2017

Stage - Selected

Ragnarök     Lead  Ekehagens Forntidsby, 2021

MacBeth      Lead  Hornborgasjön, 2019

Falköpingsrevyn    Lead     Falköpings Stadsteater

Commercial - Selected

Eparkera               Lead                 Bright Mind Agency, 2021

Lantmännen       Supporting     Bleck Film, 2021

Spobik                   Lead                 Bright Mind Agency, 2018

Music video - Selected

Evocation        Lead       Greenworks Television

Sorm                Lead        Mauzer Productions

Octolab           Lead       Graph Wizz Films

Comercial Reel

22th of April 2020