Helena Lissmatz



Helena is an actress with an exceptional strong presence and charisma who creates complete characters.

I  am fascinated by being shaped into a character by script and director. It is a very exciting journey to find new dimensions in a story together from this perspective and it gives me the opportunity to explore new environments and exciting situations.  This makes it easy for me to become every different character.  For example, I have played the mistress of the forest, upper class mother and serial killer.

My strength as an actress is that I am easy to adapt to all situations and master both drama and comedy.

/ Helena Lissmatz

Name:               Helena Lissmatz 

Acting range:  42 - 57 years

Height:              175 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU M/40

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:        Swedish 

Swedish dialects:      Dalmål 

Special skills:

- Singing
- Voice-over/Speaker

- Cross-country skiing, slalom

- Long- distance skates

- Horseback riding

- Driving licence B

Movies and Television - Selected

Den osannolika mördaren                      Supportive       FLX, 2021, Director: Simon Kaijser

Heder 3                                                         Supportive       Bigster, 2021, Director: Joakim Eliasson

Mörkt Hjärta                                                Supportive       FLX, 2021, Director: Gustav Möller

Teenage Wasteland                                   Supportive      Holocene Studios ApS, 2021, Director:Christian Ranby

Valter                                                              Supportive      Dark Duck Studio, 2021,  Director:Alexander Lönn Ardefelt

Inrotat mörker                                              Lead                  Stockholms Filmskola, 2021, Director: André Forsström

Ur spår                                                            Supportive       Jarowskij/Yellowbird, 2020, Director: Mårten Klingberg

Stage  - Selected


Om natten                                                        Lead                              Musikteater, 1996 - 2002, Director: Magnus Wennerholm

Ökendrömmar                                                 Lead                              Teater Giljotin,1996, Director: Mia Wittsell

Mästaren och Margarita                                Supportive                   1995 Director: Andrzej Domalewski

Bernardas hus                                                  Supportive                    1995, Director:Anette Björkqvist

Education - Selected        

CINEMANTRIX, Intensivkurs filmskådespeleri, 2019, 2020