Helen is an actress with a wide range in her acting ability and can do many diferent types of roles from a preist to an psychopath

I was born and raised in Luleå, in the north of Sweden. I began my career as an actor at Lule Stassteater, one of the first independent theater groups in the country.

I went to Malmö Theater Academy between 1984 - 1987.
The first acting job after the Academy was at Angeredsteatern and since then Gothenburg has been my hometown.
During the years I have worked as an actor at different theaters, with film, TV, radio and combined that with theatre and drama teaching.
I am a mature woman with sensual and warm radiance who also has an authority in my play. I have done many different types of roles. Everything between psychopath to priest. I find it exciting to do characters who have a complicated interior or are facing difficult choices.
I have always been curious about personal development, both as a person and in my professional life.

Therefore, I attended a Gestalt Therapist education at GIS-International in Denmark, and received my diploma in 2009. Gestalt therapy has good tools to become more authentic as an actor.
I work with theater, film, TV, radio and advertising as well as a theatre director, drama teacher and gestalt therapist.

Name:               Helén Söderqvist  

Acting range:  55+ years

Height:              176 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Brown

Clothing Size:  EU 44-46

Shoes Size:       EU 40,5-41

Language:                  Swedish, English
Swedish accents:     Norrländska

Driving license:         Yes

Place of residence:  Gothenburg  

Movies and Television - Selected

Lust                                                                      Supportive       Miso film, 2021, Director: Ella Lemhagen/

Rebecka Martinsson-Husgrunden             Supportive        SVT, 2019, Director: Fredrik Edfeldt

Ikitie/The Eternal Road                                   Supportive       Anagram, 2017, Director: AJ Attilla

Saltön                                                                   Supportive       SVT, 2015, Director: Lena Koppel

Till det som är vackert                                     Supportive      Tre Vänner, 2010, Director: Lisa Langseth

Johan Falk-Leo Gaut                                       Supportive      Strix Drama, 2009, Director: Rickard Holm 

Hem till byn                                                       Supportive      SVT,  1994-2006

Stage - Selected


Den hemliga ingrediensen                  Supportive                      Teater Trixter, 2014 Petra, Revenue & Karin Blixt

Mordet på en f.d komiker                     Supportive                       Folk Teatern i Göteborg, 2008 ,Sanna Hultman

Demo                                                         Supportive                       Teater Halland, 2003, Demo Gruppen

Crave                                                          Supportive                       Cinnober Teatern, 2002,Crave Svante Löwenborg Cinnober 

Education - Selected

Malmös teaterhögskola 1984 - 1987