Hanna Alsterlund



Hanna enjoys challenging roles and likes to explore the emotions in her characters.

I'm driven, curious and 100% committed to all projects I choose to undertake. I appreciate working closely with the director and co-actors. I enjoy challenging roles and like to explore the emotions in my characters. If I could choose, my next project would be to play an emotionally or physically challenging role in a drama or action/thriller production.

/ Hanna

Name:               Hanna Alsterlund

Acting range:  20 - 40 years

Height:              165 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue/Grey

Clothing Size:  EU 34/36

Shoes Size:       EU 37

Language:                  Swedish, English

Swedish accents:     Stockholm, standardsvenska
English accents:       British English, American English

Driving license:         Yes

Special skills:             Diving, skiing, yoga, dancing 

Place of residence:     Stockholm

Movies and Television - Selected

Drama Queen                                                  Lead               Dark Duck Studio, 2019, Director: Alexander Lönn

Ticket Holders                                                  Lead               2017, Director: Sherlock Holm

Johan  Falk: Slutet                                          Supportive   Strix Drama, 2015, Director: Richard Holm

Johan Falk: Lockdown                                  Supportive    Strix Drama, 2015, Director: Richard Holm

Johan Falk: Organizatsija Karyan               Supportive   Strix Drama, 2012, Director: Richard Holm

Education - Selected

Darlo Drama Sydney 2013 

        Skådespelar lektioner på Stockholms Dramatisk Högskola 2011