Fredrika breaks every “girl next door” cliché. She captures you with a quick sense of humor and bold, vibrant energy.

Cineaste down to the core. I am creative and immensely passionate for all things film.

As a comedian I have a good sense of comedic timing and thanks to my pensive nature I feel that I would be a great fit for more complex and dramatic roles.

I consider my personal experiences, as well as my academic experiences with character interpretation, offers me an edge when it comes to understanding characters with hidden depths and would love to give a voice and body to that mysterious character with hidden depths.

Name:               Fredrika Karlsson

Acting range:  20 - 30 years

Height:              163 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU 34 - 36

Shoes Size:       EU 37

Language:               Swedish, English, French
Swedish accent:    Norrlänska, Pitmål
English accent:      General American, British RP

Driving license:      Yes

Special Skills:         -

Movies and Television - Selected

Friesvieg                                             Supportive             Razah Divrin, 2021

DEG                                                     Supportive              2020

Ok Boomer                                        Supportive              2020

Commercials and Music video - Selected

Dreamhack                                          Lead                       2021

Pantamera                                           Supportive           2020

Pantamera                                           Supportive           2020


 Cinemantrix - Acting for film - Lukas Loughran - 2020


Kulturama - Acting for film - Vladimir Dikanski - 2020