I am an open and extroverted person. My way of approaching life is to throw myself out there and see what comes. I love making people smile and being silly. I feel a lot for and with others, I think all of these mentioned things is what makes me so excited about acting. Portraying emotions.


My name is Evelina, I´m a 21 year old Gothenburger who took stuff and moved to Stockholm, where I now live. I have always had the aesthetic around me in the family with a lot of music. Standing in front of the family and making appearances was a clear highlight for the 8-year-old self.

My strengths as an actress are that I dare. I dare to let go, dare to feel, dare to take impulses and dare to offer myself. Dare to be in the center. Also to be in the moment and the present.

I do not want to get stuck in a compartment when it comes to acting. I want to be a character actress, who takes on completely different roles, just for what that role is. Drama, criminology, comedy. And considering my musical background and the fact that I love to sing and dance does not stop me from doing projects within that field.

It may sound scattered, like I can not really decide what I want to do in acting, and maybe it's so. But it's because I want to test myself. And I'm sure of that. It's just how you develop and in the end I will then know exactly what I want. Even more fun if I can take this trip with you!

Really looking forward to hearing from you, our projects will be a hit!

Name:               Evelina Carlswärd

Acting range:  18 - 25 years

Height:              - cm

Hair:                   Blonde

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU

Shoes Size:       EU 

Language:               Swedish, English
Swedish accents:   Göteborgska, Rikssvenska
English accents:     American

Driving license:      Yes
Special skills:          Acrobatic, gymnastics, singing dancing

Place of residence:  Gothenburg, Stockholm, Skåne (Lund & Malmö)


Movies and Television - Selected

Fartblinda säsong 2                         Supportive         FLX, 2022

Bäckström säsong 2                         Supportive         Yellowbird, 2022

Pappas Pojkar Säsong 2                 Supportive         Nexiko, 2022
Zebrarummet                                    Supportive         Jarowskji, 2021

Så Jävla Easy going                         Supportive         Cinenic Film, 2021

Stage - Selected


Smittad av Hybris                             Supportive          Revy, 2021

Natten Börjar nu                               Supportive          Teater,  2020

Högavisan                                          Supportive           Dans, 2020

The Wiz                                                Supportive           Musikal, 2019

Kristina Från Duvemåla                  Supportive          Musikal, 2017