Emmy Christensen 



Emmy is driven, ambitious and happy as a person that loves new challenges and gives 100% in every job

I love to act and to dive into different characters. 

Right now I’m eager to develop myself and gain lots of experience!

That's why I'm not afraid of challenges and complex roles.

For me, it is important to spend a lot of time on character work and analysis because then you get a much better understanding of the character as a real person and not just as a role in a movie.

My dream right now is to play a character who is humorously negative! I think that combination is really fun. Or why not a youth who is too excited about life and doing crazy things!

Do not hesitate to contact my agent if you have a role that you think would suit!

Name:               Emmy Christensen

Acting range:  14 - 19 years

Height:              162 cm

Hair:                   Dark Blond 

Eyes:                  Blue/Green

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:                   Swedish, English

Swedish accents:      RikssvenskaDriving license: AMSpecial skills:

Special skills:              Soccer (Basic), Ukulele (Basic), Piano (Basic)
                                       Improvisation (Advanced)
Place of residence:    Gothenburg

                                                                            Movies and Television - Selected

Respektlös                                                  Lead                2021, Director: Saga Ytterholm

Mors dag 2021                                            Lead                2021, Director: Emmy Christensen

Kvarsittningen                                           Supportive     Filmplats, 2021

Drinks and Betrayals                                Supportive     2021, Director: Hugo Svenungsson 2021

I love varberg                                              Supportive     2019, Director: Simon Vahlne 2019

Säljebrevet                                                   Supportive     2019, Director: Filip Ivarsson

Scener ur en skola                                      Supportive     2018, Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci 

Stage - Selected


Sannas sanna jag                                         Supportive                  Folkuniversitetets Gymnasium Trollhättan 2020

Education - Selected

Film och skådespeleri Folkuniversitetets gymnasium Trollhättan 2020-2023

                                Teater Kulturskolan Uddevalla 2015-2018