1st of September 2020

Emma Lindberg



Comedy actress with a dramatic depth.

"I’m an actress located in Gothenburg, Sweden. I grew up in a music family in Blekinge, and played Valthorn and Piano for many years. In addition, I have sung in many choirs and danced a lot during my entire upbringing. When I was 10 years old I saw the performance Ronja Rövardotter at Karlshamns Kastell. Two weeks later I started in a theater group at the Theatermedjan in Karlshamn, and in the summer after that I was on stage at Karlshamns Kastell and played my first role for a large audience. I have had a keen interest in acting and done everything from theater to film and commercial. Together with my twin sister, I make humor videos on YouTube, we have published over 250 sketches on our chanel called Tvillingarna Lindberg. My creativity and curiosity drive me in everything I do, and I constantly long for new fun projects to take on." Emma Lindberg

Name:                Emma Lindberg

Acting range:   20 -30 years

Height:              172 cm / 5'7"

Hair:                    Light brown

Eyes:                   Green/Blue

Clothing Size:   EU M

Shoes Size:        EU 39/40

Movies and Television - Selected

Pappas Pojkar                               Supporting         Discovery, 2020, Director: Jonna Nordenskiöld
Stadsmissionen                            Lead                      Oddway, 2020, Director: Anton

Rainbow Cowgirl                          Lead                      Dark Duck Studio, 2020, Director: Alexander Lönn Ardefelt

Sommarvikarierna                       Lead                      2019, Director: Amanda Lindberg och Emma Lindberg

Förstärkt verklighet                     Supporting          2017, Director Emilia Christiansson

I en perfekt värld                          Supporting          Göteborgs filmkollektiv, 2017, Director Linda Ivarsson

Stage - Selected

Men vår förståelse av tiden         Lead                    Teater Kanske, 2019, Director Ida Myhrman

Halvklart                                           Lead                    GBG-impro, 2019, Director Carl Johan Kilborn

VM i impro                                       Lead                     Kvarterscenen 2-lång, 2019, Director Frida Sundström

Commercial - Selected

Högskolan i Borås         Lead           2020

Sportson Svarar              Lead          2019, Director Rudolph-Hugo Rossouw

Vattenfall                         Lead           Camp David, 2019, Director Henrik Hallgren


Skara skolscen                                                                 2014-2015

Sundsgårdens folkhögskola, Teater på turné         2013-2014

Comercial Reel

1st of September 2020