Elin Wilkens

Elin Wilkens



Elin is an actress with buckets of character, oceans of depth and a knock - knock joke for every occasion.

Elin Wilkens is a vibrant on-screen personality, with over 10 years experience in front of the camera. Starting out as a model, she appeared in TV commercials internationally, during which time she decided to pursue the dramatic arts. She began to focus on studying different cultures, languages and accents to improve character building skills. These skills also include fighting for film, gun fighting and horsemanship.

Elin’s passion for film has manifested in personal award winning short films that appear at international film festivals.

Elin’s unlikely humour mixed with her dazzling looks make her perfect for any role from sweet Kindergarten teacher, crazy scientist, to the bombshell Lara Croft-esque. 

Professionally Elin holds a distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. 

Name:               Elin Wilkens

Acting range:  25 - 35 years

Height:              177 cm

Hair:                   Blonde 

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 39

Language:                 Swedish, English (Uk, US & Neutral) 

Swedish accents:     Göteborgska, Stockholmska, Rikssvenska
English accents:       American,British

Driving license:        Yes
Special skills:            Ultimate Frisbee,  Muay Thai (martial arts), Boxing,
                                     Horse  riding, Floorball (indoor hockey), Yoga,  Salsa,
Trained in:                  Fighting for film,  Gun fighting and Horsemanship.

Place of residence:   Gothenburg, Stockholm   

Movies and Television - Selected

Almöbron                                                    Supportive     W Productions, 2020, Director: Wilco Wilkens

Under Ytan                                                  Lead                 A. Ramawand productions, 2019, Director: A. Ramawand

Dark Tower                                                  Supportive     Moonlighting productions, 2016, Director: Nikolaj Arcel

The Odyssey                                                Supportive     Fedilite Films, 2015, Director: Jérôme Salle

Black Mirror                                                 Supportive     Moonlighting productions, 2015. Director:  Joe Wright

A Million Colors                                           Lead                 Africa Magic production, 2014, Director: Elvis Chuck

Commercial - Selected


Rizzo                                                               Lead                               Venue Retail Group, 2021

Maxx Royale Resort                                    Lead                               Flash production, 2018

Heineken                                                       Supportive                   Monkey Films, 2018 

Emborg                                                          Lead                               Undiscovered Media, 2017

Almette                                                          Lead                               Cyclone Films, 2017

Euro Lottery                                                  Supportive                    Moonlighting productions, 2016

KappAhl                                                          Supportive                   Rocket Films Africa, 2015

Education - Selected


                     Robyn Scott’s accent training on a weekly basis,  2015-2018 

London Academy Music Drama Art (LAMDA) Level 8 GOLD - Grade : Distinction, 2017

                      Bonnie Rodini’s acting class Technique 3, 2015

                      Bonnie Rodini’s acting class Technique 2, 2014

                      Bonnie Rodini’s acting class Technique 1, 2014 
LCA, Lights Camera Action Workshop with casting director Channa Geldenhuys, 2014