Ebba Löfving



is an actor that loves to portray characters with a drive and passion and a will to fight for something 

I enjoy to play strong, tough and funny women as humor comes quite easily to me. I like characters with drive, passion and a will to fight for something the believe in. also like to get out of my comfort zone and take on fragile, soft and sensitive roles. I will also take on an extreme character that has addictions or mental illness as their persona, and of course I don't mind the bossy badasses. I have a passion for challenging myself to play all types of characters, especially the more bizarre.

Education - Selected

Performing Arts School Gothenburg 2018-2021

Markaryds Folkhögskola, Show/Musikal 2017-2018


Name:               Ebba Löfving

Acting range:  18 - 28 years

Height:              178 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU 36/38

Shoes Size:       EU 41

Language:               Swedish, English
Swedish accents:   Göteborgska, skånska, Stockholmska and radiosvenska. 

English accents:     Brittish, American, Australian
Driving license:       Yes (AM/B)

Special skills:    - Dance (jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, tap, commercial)
                             - Singer in classical, musical, rock/pop
                             - Personal Trainer and instructor in Yoga and Les Mills Grit
                             - Pole dance - beginner/intermediate
                             - Air acrobatics - beginner

Place of residence:  Gothenburg, Stockholm, Motala and Örebro

Stage - Selected

Sekelskiftesdagar                                      Lead               Kungälvs kommun Marstrand 2016, 2017

Kungälvs Lucia                                           Lead               Kungälvs kommun Kungälv 2014


Commercial - Selected

Cellbes                                                            Lead                              Cellbes, 2022


Kongahälla Center                                      Lead                              Modell Peach/Kongahälla Center 2020

Bubbleroom                                                  Lead                             Bubbleroom 2021

Nordisk rörmärkningsskola                       Lead                             Voice-over Peach 2020