Christine Singbrant


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Christine is an actress with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to explor her role's.

Name: Christine Singbrant

Acting range:  30 - 45 years

Height: 160 cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Clothing Size: M

Shoes Size: 37


- Skånska (mother tongue)

- Rikssvenska (very good)


- American accent  (fluent)

Driving license: Yes

Place of residence: Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm

Special Skills:   

- Stage fighting

- Weapons training

- Singing (Alto)

- Yoga
- Climb bouldering

- Kick boxing at the gym,

- Dancing: Jazz, Classic ballet, Tap dance, Funk

Movies and Television - Selected

HEJ, STORA VÄRLD | Supporting, Smorgasbord Picture, Director: David Wramneby, 2021

FLICKAN SCHIZO | Supporting, Mathias Olofsson, Director:Mathias Olofsson, 2020

SOMMARLOV| Supporting, Svt Barn, Director: Malin Roos, 2020

SCENARIO 9 | Supporting, Director: Kristian Marklund, 2019

THE LAST WISH | Supporting, JLV pictures, Director: Jarno Lee Vinsencius, 2018

TUNNA BLÅ LINJEN | Supporting, Anagram, Director: Sanna Lenken, 2019

MARDUK THE MARK OF THE BEAST | Supporting, JLV production, Director: Jarno Lee Vinsencius, 2017

Education - Selected

Intense intuition acting with Stephen Rappaport 2017

The Film Attic SWAT Stage fight och vapenteknik 2017

Chinemantrix Method acting 2017

Performing Art School Musikal & Dansutbildning i Göteborg 2007 - 2008


"My strength as an actress is that I’m not afraid to improvise and I can take a lot of text and directive from the director. I can cry and have done roles like a mother in distress and a cancer patient. I am also a mother of two so I know the whole spectra of emotions that a parent have.

I love to play and have given my voice to a lot of crazy characters in children tv / film. I also love to practice stage fighting and doing the bad ass characters.

Which I know is a bit contrary but doing children tv and ass kicking characters are my favorite projects.

My dream role would be the lead role from the book The Chemist, a woman who needs to escape FBI after her co worker has been murdered and they’re coming for her. She is smart, tough and very physic. She’s not strong like Lara Croft but she knows how to use her strength and and she’s like a weapon with her knowledge.

My favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence, she has a range and credibility.

She has the calm before the storm which I’d love to explore more."

Christine Singbrant

- Represented by Dark Duck Agency