Channa is an actress with a wide range in her acting abillity and loves to portrait anyting from drama to comedy

I grew up with two acting parents that are working in film, theatre and musicals which was the constant topic of conversation in our home. My sister and I did many several hours long dance and theatre performances that we forced all the neighbors to come and watch.

When I’m not acting, I’m currently working as an assistant casting director where I get to act with established actors and work with many directors, which is incredibly instructive. I love to sing and I started writing my own music which I usually try out at the restaurant that me and my family opened up in Visby, Gotland. Courage and low prestige are two important key words for me!

Name:                Channa Ekborg 

Acting range:   18 - 26

Height:               166 cm

Hair:                   Brown

Eyes:                  Brown/Green

Clothing Size:  EU 36

Shoes Size:       EU 39

Language:                 Swedish,English 
Swedish accents:     Rikssvenska, Skånska
English accents:       American, British

Driving license:         Yes
Special skills:             Singing, dancing, horseriding, stagefighting, pilates.

Place of residence:   Stockholm

Movies and Television - Selected

Den osannolika mördaren             Supportive       Netflix, 2021, Director: Charlotte Brändström/Simon Kaijser 

Otid                                                       Lead                   Lena Blom, 2021, Director: Lena Blom 

Bränd                                                    Lead                   Stockholms Filmskola, 2020, Hampus Olsson

Closer                                                    Lead                    Calle Flygare, 2019, Director: Stina Rautelin 

Stage - Selected


Galleri 6                                                 Supportive                      Calle Flygare Teaterskola 2020


Glennströms                                        Supportive                     Stockholms improvisationsteater 2019

Sommarnattens Leende                  Supportive                      Roma Teatern 

Education - Selected

                                 Calle Flygare teaterskola  2018 - 2020 

                                 Markaryds Folkhögskola 2015 - 2016