Anna Lyngby Olsen



Anna is especially interesting in working with good scripts with an interesting plot and complex characters

I did my acting training in London, where I specialized in the Meisner-technique, and fell in love with acting. Before I became an actress I studied languages and literature and I am especially interesting in working with good scripts with an interesting plot and complex characters.

Since my first acting training in London, I have continued developing my skills by participating in masterclasses in London, Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen and I work fluently in English, French, Swedish and Danish.

Name:               Anna Lyngby Olsen

Acting range:  45 - 55 years

Height:              174 cm

Hair:                   Dark Blond 

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  M/L

Shoes Size:       EU 39

Language:        Dansih 



Movies and Television - Selected

Lisa                                                         Supportive    2018, Director: Peter Steensberg

Jeg er William                                      Supportive    2017, Director: Jonas Elmer

Mamma                                                 Supportive    Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, 2015,  Director: Stine Ericsson

Udenriksministrene                            Supportive    Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, 2015, Director: Erik Lundkvist

En natt i Malmö                                    Supportive    Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, 2015, Director: Malou Stiller

Eat, Mistrest, respekt                           Supportive    Europeiska filmhögskolan, 2014 

Ludwig                                                     Supportive    Københavns film-og fotos, 2013

Stage - Selected


Läsning av utvalda scener från Lars Norén & Anna Bro                 Scalateatern Stockholm, 2019

Mor, Mor och Barn af Jon Fosse        Supportive                                Uppsala Stadsteater, 2017 , Director: Janya Cambrenero

Drottning Gertrud                                 Supportive                                Sommarteatern, Stockholm 2015, Director: Kenneth Nygaard

Laura, Fadren af Stridsberg                 Supportive                                Sommarteatern, Stockholm 2014, Director: Kenneth Nygaard

Perfomer                                                   Supportive                               Teatret v. Sorte hest, København, 2014, Director: Andreas 

Elisabeth, Persona af Bergman          Supportive                               Le pavé d’Orsay, Paris, 2011, Director: Gérard Bidstrup

Education - Selected


Fysisk teater, teateralliancen, Malmø, 2021

Metodeworkshop v Christoffer Berdal, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, 2020

At forberede et kunstnerisk forskningsprojekt, 2020

Monologtræning 1:1 ved Gordon Torbet, København, 2018

Improvisationsworkshop ved Jonas Elmer, København, 2017  

Filmskuespilteknik på Teaterhogskolan i Malmø, 2015

Skuespiltræning i Meisner-teknikken, ved Sarah Boberg, København, 2014

Monolog-workshop, ved Gordon Torbet, København, 2012

Skuespiltræning i Meisner-teknikken, The Actor’s Temple, London 2007 - 2010

Meisnerteknikken, Paris Cours Peyran-Lacroix 2008