24th of January 2020

Amanda Lindberg



Drama actress with an outstanding feeling for comedy.

I am an actress living and working in Gothenburg, who grew up in a music family in Blekinge. When I was 12 years old, I joined a Theater group at the Teatersmedjan, after competing in figure skating for 6 years, and I loved it. Then I participated in the Summer Theater at Kastellet every summer and after high school 2013 I started the education "Theater on tour" at Sundsgården Folkhögskola. The following year I entered the Skara School scene. Since then I have been on stage in various contexts, created my own performances, done a lot of improvisations and for the last 5 years I have also discovered my passion for movie acting.

Together with my twin sister, I run a YouTube channel, where we publish humorous videos and sketches once a week. I also participate in and run the performing arts collective Teater Kanske, where we have ongoing performances all over the country. Most recently, I was an actress in the show " Men vår förståelse av tiden är ganska trevande och skakig " that was played at Teater Trixter 2019. The art of performing and being able to move the audience on stage and on screen empowers me. Getting the fantastic response from the audience is magical and there is nothing else I would rather experience.

- Amanda Lindberg

Name:                Amanda Lindberg

Acting range:   20 -30 years

Height:               172 cm

Hair:                    Light brown

Eyes:                   Green/Blue

Clothing Size:   EU M

Shoes Size:        EU 39/40

Movies and Television - Selected

Sommarvikarierna                    Lead                         Tvillingarna Lindberg, 2019, Director Emma Lindberg och Amanda Lindberg

Subscribe                                     Lead                         2017, Director Erika Berg

Allergikvinnan                             Supportive             Göteborgs filmkollektiv, 2017, Director: Linda Ivarsson

Förstärkt verklighet                   Supportive             2017, Director Emilia Christiansson

Byssjan                                          Featured                 Göteborgs filmkollektiv, 2017, Director: Patrik Berglund

Stage - Selected

Med vår förståelse av tiden         Lead                     Teater Kanske, 2019, Director Ida Myhrman

Halvklart                                           Lead                     Gbgimpro, 2019

VM i impro                                       Lead                      Kvarterscenen 2-lång, 2019, Director Anders Fors


Skara skolscen                                                                 2014-2015

Sundsgårdens folkhögskola, Teater på turné         2013-2014