Alex Karlsson Tyrefors



Alex is the definition of fearless she loves to challenge herself in different roles.

My name is Alex,

I was born in Stockholm in 2001. I am working as an actress, content creator, and
portrait artist. My work as an artist includes constant scrutiny of expressions, focusing on how to best portray emotions using the features that each individual is equipped with.

Throughout my entire life, I have pursued a career as a volleyball athlete. Because of my interest in the sport, I moved to a Volleyball boarding school where I studied at the science program. Thanks to my years on the court I have obtained the ability to remain positive and flexible when problematic situations arise. During my second year, I developed severe anorexia and was forced to move back home. I began working actively on recovery and regained a healthy weight and mindset. I consider film to be the most concentrated form of creative expression. Everyone on set has an individual creative vision and to witness all these people collaborating is a fantastic sight. I can’t imagine that there is a greater feeling than to embody another person's idea through acting.

My first interaction with the film industry was last year during the production of
Hilma Af Klint directed by Lasse Hallström. I met a girl on a night out who told me that she was working with casting. A few weeks later I was contacted by her asking if I wanted to be an extra in a movie that she was working on. After being on set for a day I headed home, intoxicated by all new impressions.
The thing that I have come to appreciate the most since I’ve started working with acting, is the relationships that I have made in this community. I am incredibly grateful that I have been provided with the opportunity to work in an environment filled with talented, creative, and passionate people. People who I look forward to working with, who bring me energy.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Name:               Alex Karlsson Tyrefors

Acting range:  15 - 25

Height:              169 cm

Hair:                   Blonde

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU S

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:        Swedish



Ficton & Music videos - Selected

Salt i mina sår                            Lead                     2022 

SKJUTTON                                  Lead                     2022

HASSE                                          Lead                     2021


Commercial & Model - Selected

Tyresö Gymnasium                   Lead                     2021 

Gustav Larsson (TFP)                Model                  2021

Kaiwan Shaban (TFP)               Model                  2019