Acting reel

17th February 2021

Victor Dohlsten



Actor with an intense touch with the audience, both from stage and on screen.

"I’m a classical trained actor, writer and teacher. I’ve studied and performed in multiple countries in Europe and have been working with film and theatre all over Europe and also in the United States. My passion for the art is immense. I’m always enjoying my time on set and on stage. Despite having fun I guarantee that I will always be the hardest worker in the room. My passion makes me leave no stone unturned!" - Victor Dohlsten

Name:               Victor Dohlsten

Acting range:  25 -35 years

Height:              183 cm

Hair:                   Light brown

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 42


Movies and Television - Selected

Irene Huss                                     Supportive                Yellow bird, 2020, Director Jörgen Bergmark

Drömmar om Las Vegas           Lead                            OK Production, 2020, Director P.A Nilsson

Carnival Row                                 Supportive                Amazon Prime, 2019, Director Jon Amiel

Genious                                          Supportive                HBO/National Geographic, 2018, Director Ron Howard

Stage - Selected           

Lasse i Gatan                                  Lead                            Dohlsten Production, 2020, Director Ulf Dohlsten

Farväl Majorna                               Lead                            Dohlsten Production, 2018-2020, Director Ulf Dohlsten

A Midsumer Night's Dream       Lead                            Prague Shakespeare C., 2018, Director Lisa Wolpe

Man of la Mancha                         Lead                            Prague Shakespeare C., 2017, Director Lane Davies


Wästgöta Finans         Lead        2019

Skoda Cars                    Lead        2018

Education - Selected

Tenda school Commedia dell'arte        2019

Prague Film School                                   2016-2018

Wendelsbergs folkhögskola                   2011-2013

Commercial reel