Sophie Lüttgenau



Sophie is an actress who always put a lot of time and love into her characters and making it her own.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to perform, dive into a character, tell someone else’s story. After my 8 years of dance training at different studios in Sweden I began my acting training at Scengymnasiet St Eriks in Stockholm, after graduating there in 2016 I moved to Los Angeles California where I received my Associates of Arts Degree at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I love diving into characters and using my training to find the depth and layers of the person I am portraying, I am a firm believer that talent can only take you so far and discipline is just as important. After moving back to Sweden in 2018 I have freelanced as an actor and performed both comedic and dramatic roles, I enjoy playing strong characters with a vulnerable side not yet explored. Outside of acting I have a passion for teaching dance to children and people with disabilities.

Name:               Sophie Lüttgenau

Acting range:  18 - 25 years

Height:              175 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Green

Clothing Size:  EU M

Shoes Size:       EU 38/39

Language:        Swedish , German, British, American , Southern, Irish   

Movies and Television

Kluredo Mordmysterium                     Lead                Mordmysterium Sverige AB, 2020,

Killin‘ it Web series                                 Lead                Vis Productions, 2019/2020 , Director: Gustav Högmo

Attack of the B-film                               Supportive    Bloody fierc, 2019-2020 , Director:  Sarah Giercksky/ Andres Ramos


Jakes women                                            Lead                               American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2018 

Last summer at bluefish cove              Lead                               American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2017 

Uncommon women and others          Supportive                   American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 2017 

Education - Selected

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (2016-2018)