Rasmus is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and loves to portray complex characters

Rasmus started acting and dancing when he was 5 years old.
Our theater in Stockholm became Rasmus' first stage.At the age of 10, he moved to Finland and was accepted into a dance troupe. Rasmus' dance troupe competed in the Finnish dance championship. In parallel with the dance, Rasmus was in radio theaters and made commercials.

Already as a young man, Rasmus discovered that he thrives both in front of the camera and on stage. He participated in a number of different musicals and plays even before he started studying at Västra Nylands Teaterskola.

After graduating, Rasmus continued his studies privately with Adam Darius, at the same time as he continued to perform in many plays.
Rasmus moved back to Sweden in 2012 and continued his studies at Calle Flygare. After Calle Flygare, Rasmus moved to Germany where he works full time as a model and actor.

Name:               Rasmus Branders 

Acting range:  20 - 35 years

Height:              183 cm

Hair:                   Dark Blond

Eyes:                  Blue 

Clothing Size:  EU 48

Shoes Size:       EU 42-43

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (UK & US)



Movies & Television - Selected

Fjärde Mannen                                  Supportive                    SVT, 2014-2015, Director: Kristian Petri

Vita Sine                                              Supportive                     2012, Director: Anton Häggman 

In da House                                        Lead                                 HMC Indie, 2012, Director: Mikko Löpponen 

Up the Irons                                        Lead                                 2011, Director: Simberg Max

Flyttage                                                Lead                                 2010, Director: Albert Häggblom

Man without a Face                          Supportive                     2009, Director: Artur Sallinen/ Emil Sallinen 

Stage - Selected

Orent                                                     Supportive                      Alias Theater, 2013, Director: Malin Arvidsson

Kiss me Kate                                        Supportive                      Fallaker Theatre, 2012, Director: Lidia Bäck

Kalevala                                                 Supportive                      Tryckis Theater, 2010, Director: Asa Salvesen

King Oedipus                                       Supportive                      Tryckis Theater, 2008, Director: Anna Allgulin

The Government Inspector              Supportive                      Tryckis Theater, 2008, Director: Jarno Kuoso  

A Day in your Life                                 Supportive                     Tryckis Theatre, 2007, Director: Jarno Kuoso 

Class Enemy                                          Supportive                     Klockrike Theater, 2005, Director: Chris af Enehielm 

Education - Selected


                                Calle Flygare Theatre school 2012-2014

                                Västra Nylands Folkhögskola 2008-2010