22th of April 2020

Kristoffer Stålbrand



Drama actor with a unique depth.

"That's why I am an actor. I want to tell stories." - Milos Forman

"I have worked professionally with film, stage and television since 2003 in everything from drama to comedy. Except from the Swedish industry I have worked with TV-series in Germany and in the Netherlands. My goal as an actor is always to give something to the audience that stays with them. I have worked with many of the classical plays that has given me a good ground to explore myself as an actor. I have also written a couple of scripts and a book." – Kristoffer Stålbrand

Name:                Kristoffer Stålbrand

Acting range:   30 -45 years

Height:               190 cm

Hair:                    Blond

Eyes:                   Green/Brown

Clothing Size:   EU 54

Shoes Size:        EU 44

Movies and Television - Selected

Maria Wern                                                                                              Supporting        Warner Bros, Director: Johan Lundin, 2020

Arbetsintervju                                                                                         Supporting        Ljud och bild media AB, Director: Jonathan Elfving, 2020

Inga Lindström                                                                                       Supporting        Bavaria Film, Director: Tanja Roitzheim, 2018

Finaste Familjen                                                                                     Supporting        Svt, Jarowskij, Director: Staffan Lindberg, 2017

Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann        Supporting       FLX, Director: Felix Herngren, 2013

Stage - Selected

Frihetens profet     Lead     Iversen Production, Director: Yvonne Iversen, 2017

Tidsmaskin              Lead    Director: Sofie Rosell / Kristoffer Stålbrand, 2015-2016

Här är ditt liv           Lead     Svenska Nöjesteatern, Director: Pontus Olgrim / Kristoffer Stålbrand, 2013

Commercial - Selected

AFA              Lead             B-Reel, Director: Sacarias Kiusalaas, 2020

Yoggi           Lead             Parroll, Director: Tobias Bergman, 2019/2020

ICA                Lead            Esteban,  Director: Martin Persson. 2016

Comercial Reel

22th of April 2020