Henrik is an actor with a wide range in his acting ability and can portray complex characters as well as humoristic ones

Henrik is a talented and precise actor who feels most at home on the stage or in front of the camera. In 2013 he studied to become an actor at Malmö Theatre Academy. Henrik is passionate about his craft, and he has a broad range and can create both drama and comedy. In addition to his acting career Henrik is a successful model and has worked together with a number of well-known fashion labels and companies.

Name:              Henrik Andersson 

Acting range:  24 - 36 years

Height:              189 cm

Hair:                   Dark Brown

Eyes:                  Blue 

Clothing Size:  EU 50

Shoes Size:       EU 44

Language:        Swedish 

                            English (Advanced)


Movies and Television - Selected

Tunna Blå Linjen                               Supportive     Anagram, 2020, Director: Sanna Lenken

Advokaten säsong 2                         Supportive      SF Studios, 2019, Director: Geir Henning Hopland & Pontus Klänge

Tsunami                                               Supportive      Filmlance, 2018, Director: Henrik Georgsson

Alla hästar hemma                           Supportive      Anagram, 2018, Director: Linn Mannheimer & Måns Nilsson

Faunutland And the lost magic    Supportive      Phelecan Films AB, 2018, Director: Marcus Ovnell

Stage - Selected


Ballet de Luxe                                    Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2020 

Petterson & Findus                               Lead                               Julita Gård, 2019 

Kameliadamen                                  Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2019 

Tosca                                                     Supportive                       Det Kongelige Teater, 2019

Läderlappen                                        Supportive                      Det Kongelige Teater, 2018/19

Parken                                                   Supportive                      Malmö Opera, 2018

Education - Selected

Lunds Universitet Filmvetenskap med skådespelarinriktning Kandidat 2017-2018 

Lunds Universitet Filmvetenskap med skådespelarinriktning 2014-2015 

Malmö  Teaterhögskola, 2013 - 2014