Helena Lissmatz



Helena is an actor with a wide range in her acting ability and loves to explor different role's. 

I am fascinated by being shaped into a character by script and director. It is a very exciting and fun journey to find new dimensions in a story together from this perspective. This makes it easy for me to become any character. For example, I have played the mistress of the forest, upper class mother and serial killer.

In parallel with acting, I have sung in musical theater, choir concerts and cabaret and maintain my voice with singing lessons. For six years I have worked as a drama teacher and directed and produced fifteen plays with children and young people. Since 2020 I work full time as an actress again.
I am malleable and easy to work with and have a broad experience in acting.

Name:               Helena Lissmatz 

Acting range:  42 - 57 years

Height:              175 cm

Hair:                   Blond

Eyes:                  Blue

Clothing Size:  EU M/40

Shoes Size:       EU 40

Language:        Swedish 



Movies and Television - Selected

Den osannolika mördaren                      Supportive       FLX, 2021, Director: Simon Kaijser

Heder 3                                                         Supportive       Bigster, 2021, Director: Joakim Eliasson

The Dark Heart                                           Supportive       FLX, 2021, Director: Gustav Möller

Teenage Wasteland                                   Supportive      Holocene Studios ApS, 2021, Director:Christian Ranby

Valter                                                              Supportive      Dark Duck Studio, 2021,  Director:Alexander Lönn Ardefelt

Mitt liv i repris                                               Supportive      OnNox Pictures,2021, Director: David Martinez

Tystnad i taxin                                              Supportive      Larsson arkiv & Filmproduktion, 2021,  Director: Alexander Larsson

Brorsan                                                           Supportive      Högskolan Dalarna, 2021, Director: Cassandra Mogstad

Bakis Ångest                                                 Supportive      OnNox Pictures, 2021, Director: Sebastian Martinez

Inrotat mörker                                              Lead                  Stockholms Filmskola, 2021, Director: André Forsström

Ur spår                                                            Supportive       Jarowskij/Yellowbird, 2020, Director: Mårten Klingberg

Stage  - Selected


Om natten                                                        Lead                              Musikteater, 1996 - 2002, Director: Magnus Wennerholm

Ökendrömmar                                                 Lead                              Teater Giljotin,1996, Director: Mia Wittsell

Mästaren och Margarita                                Supportive                   1995 Director: Andrzej Domalewski

Olsgården                                                          Supportive                   Skansen, 1995, Director: Rune Bromark

Bernardas hus                                                  Supportive                    1995, Director:Anette Björkqvist

Lycko-Pers resa                                                Supportive                    1994, Director: Mikael Riise

Education - Selected        

CINEMANTRIX, Intensivkurs filmskådespeleri, 2019, 2020